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Our vision

Everyone deserves a quiet Home.

However, 80% of the population experience noise disturbances in their Homes…

At Noppi, we can’t accept someone is left with no solution when it comes to noise pollution in their Homes.

We are creating silencing furniture to tackle this issue.

Our products

Silencing furniture are day-to-day furniture.

However, thanks to their specific design and material, silencing furniture are able to create bubbles of silence.

These bubbles of silence will be available at anytime for you to enjoy quiet times at Home.

About us

We are working on solutions against noise pollution for insides.

Our goal is to design, make and sell silencing furniture.

The project is under development with a target of launching our first product in 2021

We have an approved concept design, we are currently working on the design of our first product.

We are looking for people interested in the project to join, to support or to discuss.

We would be thrilled to get in touch with furniture designers.

We are based in Paris, France.


When was it the last time, you were at home, trying to relax, trying to get some sleep...

but that little noise...

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